Yes, I’m the crazy toaster lady

Sometimes I’m so utterly indecisive. Like it is impossible to make up my mind about stuff. What to buy, color to pick and so on. We had a toaster. That had seen it’s bests days a long time ago. When I wanted to throw it out I got an idea of a toaster improvement DIY that I presented here on the blog – do you remember. Loved this idea. And you know what – I used that toaster for another 5 years! (here is another version of the same DIY – the hunger games edition.) Imagine if we could do that with more stuff instead of throwing them out – would be so much better for the world.

Should have bought this t-shirt from Zara when I could – don’t you think?

But this year smoke started coming out of my old toaster and it was time to let it go to the grave. But my problem was picking a new one. You see I just couldn’t decide which one. Come on – it’s just a toaster you would say but NO it’s a piece of art.

In our family we eat a lot of bread. A lot of toasts. I kind of love bread more than my kids. At least some times. I became crazy. Read all kind of reviews, checked colors, styles, features. Went to different stores and talked to the salesmen. Incredibly how almost all of the salesmen had so little knowledge about what was out there of what was considered best in show, what you are supposed to look for in a toaster. I mean this is a mean food machine that works around the clock at home. And yet – it’s just a little thing for your home. How hard can it be to pick one out??

Our best sandwich is simple. Toast, butter – a lot of butter. Cheese and sliced strawberries. Yum. Well my husband thinks it’s disgusting but the rest of us loves it!

Anyway after months talking about it. (Sorry all of my friends hearing about it).  I finally settled on this baby. A Dualit Classic toaster. What made the deal was that if it breaks I can repair it. Repair! Isn’t it love to your ears for someone who doesn’t want to throw away things just to buy new.
It is a bit more old school than normal cheap toasters like it doesn’t pop automatically. But I like it that it’s old school and reparable and have replaceable parts.  So even if it is expensive I think it’s good to have these features. And also it looks nice in the kitchen. It has broad toaster slots so you can get really thick pieces of bread down there – like hamburger buns. Or kanelbullar.

Now I got hungry writing all this. Better pop some toast!