The books in my life right now

Well this post is a mix of Swedish and English since some of the books are by Swedish writers. Like this one – Hitta din sanna Story by Katrin Sandberg – Finding your true story. I got to know Katrin when I did talks for 4Good Community that she started back in the days with Carina who still runs it. And we became colleagues and friends. She really has this calm forceful energy. I bet some would call her a bit hippie but she has the spirit of an hippie tucked in a business and very sharp mind! Very cool. The past years she has been helping people find their calling and they own story. What do we really want if we take all these musts and believes about ourselves?

Look at this cutie!

The book is a help and a reminder with concrete tips & exercises. And you also get examples from real life. I have done a couple of hours coaching with Katrin and it’s great.So I can really recommend the book and her thoughts!

You can find more about Katrin Sandberg and her stories right here!

Other books I’m busy with at the moment:

A Little Life – Hanya Yanagihara’s epic book about 4 friends or actually mostly about one of the men and his life. It’s a long book but so well written. I loved that the tempo changed all the time. Like an heartbeat that got arrhythmical for a while but in a good way. It is sad, beautiful and awful at the same time.  It has just been translated to Swedish and like everyone I know has been reading it. Here is a little q&a with the writer (thanks Johanna for the tip)

Myllymäki – Sallad
Famous  chef Tommy Myllymäki’s new book about Sallads. I hope this one will help med be better with it. I don’t really like eating cold foods but I totally get that you can do it with warm food. And in a new way. Cross my fingers!


3 other books I’ve got lined up:
Widow Basquiat by Jennifer Clement – In my head this is a bit as Patty Smiths Just Kids.

The Power by Naomi Alderman – A dystopian book about women having all the power. Sounds good to me and the girl at Pocketshop at Göteborg Central (my favourite place to find new books. Always come back from there with tons of books). Well she LOVED it. Had to buy it + a great cover. Not that I judge a book by it’s cover…
Today Will be Different – by Maria Semple. I really enjoyed Where did you go Bernadette. So had to get this one as well.  Dunno yet if it is as good.