Mama’s got a brand new bag!

This post is a collaboration with Eduards Accessories.
When it comes to clothes I find something I like and I wear it ALL the time until I can’t look at it anymore. So I’m not a big purse/bag spender. My old bag I had 4-ever and I had such a hard time finding something new that fitted my standards. It has to be an over shoulder bag (I don’t get the bags you have to carry in your hand – but why? You need you hands to articulate, to eat a donuts to point which direction you are going? It’s a matter of freedom). Anyway the bag need to be big enough for many things but still small enough not to be crazy big & heavy.
And I found it! This perfect thing in leather. Made by Eduards Accessories. Made in Sweden but out of fine Italian leather. Nice.


I like the flirt with old Swedish traditions. Näver , the kind of classic braid technic that is found with birch. Lovely. This bag is also new – the Näver small. love the braided part and the flat folded part.

I also like that the bag will change color since it is natural tanned leather and it will be more beautiful with every year. And that Eduards is a small Swedish company doing so many great products. Well done!

It’s a good match  – me and the bag! N’est ce pas?



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Jenny Brandt
September 2, 2017 at 10:09

Så fin!