Dellas 11th birthday

So my little star turned 11. So many days of waiting and talking about this day. You know the days when birthdays still was everything <3.

She got a classic McAllister brown breakfast. Coke and chocolate. Yum.

Always hard on the sibling the thing with b-days but I guess Beppe was a trooper. He fell in love with this ultra soft blanket Della got. Well that he gave her.

He also rimed on all the gifts. This one says ” Deta är en slaks behållare till et slaks vapen – This is a sort of container to a sort of weapon”
Can you tell what the gift is?

(the answer is written upside down at the end of this page)

Another rime was “It looks like poo but is really tasty… aka Nutella.

11 years. wow so big.

She got this skirt that we customized at once. Had to be shorter.

Cat wanted to celebrate as well! Every morning he comes to me and wants to sit like that on my lap for a little cuddle. He has the softest fur. Apparently his father was a finer sort of cat.

In the evening some family and friends joined us to celebrate. Here is my dad and Della.

Stephmothers unite. Both me and Erik got lucky with cool stepmoms. Anita is Erik’s and Lollo to the right are mine <3.

Dellas cousin Moa is a great singer. Here they are with their grandmother Birgitta.

No birthday without cake.

Kind of got the shot.

In white is Anna. I’ve known her since I was 7. Hoe cool is that?!

We met as kids and now we can hang with our kids!!

Well just some photos from the day.