Copenhagen with Jenny & Isabelle

Me & jenny went to Copenhagen for a couple of days. What normally happens is that we totally forget to take photos. We just walk around and talk and talk and talk. Very nice. I guess posters are the new vinyls? It’s looks that she is looking for records but it’s art instead. Well I guess vinyls are some kind of art as well but anyway. Here at the small Stilleben store (but I recommend the one at Torvehallerna more)

Copenhagen is truly a beautiful city. Nice backyards everywhere!

In the wood wood store the sold these amazing vases. A pitty I don’t need a new one would’ve bought it instantly. The series are actually a bunch of trophies called ‘not a sports club’ by Frederik Nystrup-Larsen very very nice.

Royal Smushi Cafe next door to Royal Copehagen is always a good idea. Such a cool place.

They sell not only great food and pastry but also cool small details. Like these paper poppets of dictators. Hm sorry presidents.

and very nice  interiors!

Lovely lady company!

Was probably most happy about the Beau Marche store and bar/restaurant. Such a lovely place! New and old stuff in perfect mix.



I had a hard time not crying when seeing this instillation outside the museum. Such a shame for mankind.

We had to lighten our mood by hiding for facts. Jenny the mask master found a tiger.




Waht i Love about Copenhagen is the mix. Of old and new. It feels a bit more tolerant for art and human touch around town. This was a little diamond house you could walk in to. With mirrors all over! Fun!

I did som working out on a bar… See more on my Instagram and also more Copenhagen tips of restaurants and so on!


Loved these posters all over town! We are coming out!!

Bye bye jenny hope to see you soon again!

More tips
We stayed at Sp34 always a good choice.
Ate a great dinner with set menu at Spagetterian.