Hello, if you have forgotten me here I am! Isabelle selfie overload

So I told you about my 9-5 job already. The job that’s been the most fun ever but also killed my spare-time and social life. I’ve ben totally knackered. Enough about that but that’s been the reason for me going AWOL on this blog. Yesterday  my daughter came home from a week abroad. When the plane landed and she was picking up her bag I send her a photo of the family to remind her what to look for when coming out from customs. This post is the same for you, dear Dosfamily reader (and a but of course a total dedication to my ego).
The photo above is called – The day I felt like Chewbacca – My life close to the force but not owning it…

It took asking two strangers to take probably 30 photo’s of me outside my gym before getting satisfied with this one. It was the one day I actually was wearing something close to an outfit going to work. Since working in a nasty hot, dirty environment without a shower I’ve been wearing clothes to fit that description to and from work. This day I was also extra pleased with having the energy or with other words forcing myself going to the gym after work. I’ve had my Personal Trainer scheduled once a week to not loose it completely.

Talking about going to and from work.
Left image: on my way to the subway. That week I did some pig-tails. Normally I don’t really think braids like this are for anyone over 10 yrs but I felt some kind of Hiphopish (yeah the eye rolling while reading this). But the swag feeling lasted for about 5 minutes and then I had to wear it all week not to mess up the different shots while filming. I have to wear the same clothes and hair-do for a week.

Right Image: Pig tail perks. Lovely waves on the subway ride home. Also that dead tired commuter stare that goes with.


The sky is truly the limit at this work place. <3 <3 <3 We’ve been building so many crazy – fun – over – the – top – things! Can’t wait to show you all. (Sneak peak at #maxat17 on Instagram)


Yeah, sometimes,  a couple of minutes a day I also saw my kids. And they were so happy seeing me too…  The challenge of having a great job and the energy for the loved ones when you come home… Not an easy thing.

Girl on a train. No I have not watched that movie yet. But I’ve seen Handmaids tale (fantastic), Master of None (super good), Crashing (Netflix, British comedy. Very funny), Wonder Woman (cried of girl power overload) & my weekly emotional release while taking a bath – Greys Anatomy.

A couple of weeks ago I also went to Belgium. My mom lives there (and her side of the family). More about this in another post. I managed to get that mirror back home! No – not the right one, silly!  The left one that I bought on a flea market in Gent and for such a bargain too!

Another week at work I had to wear many fun costumes and had to play really angry in every scene. I’m not an actor so this was a bit of a challenge but so much fun. To totally loose my temper and give a tantrum. Something I almost Never do in normal life. But now maybe felt I have to start to… This was my working 9-5 in an office costume. Dallas, 80’s style.

My blue period. No not sad just the color. First swim of the year, begin May and me wearing blue in a blue elevator.

Last week I’ve been so tired I couldn’t wear my contacts any longer. So all in for the sweet teacher look. Reminds me a bit of the artist Heather Day that I follow on Instagram.

This week we ended filming with a big over the top X-mas special. In June! The show is airing this fall and the last episode will be right before Christmas. I do think I need to get that red suit for every day life. Minus the beard. And maybe minus the hat. But just maybe.


Now it’s vacation. And I hope you can follow me to Italy, and my summer house and some other things I have in store for the blog.


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June 28, 2017 at 10:35

Kul att höra från dig! Jobbet ser så jäkla kul ut och vi längtar till hösten så att vi får se resultatet. Men förstår utpumpheten såklart…hoppas du får vila upp dig ordentligt nu. P.s bilderna från italien som du lagt ut på insta – OMG! Lovely!

July 5, 2017 at 01:34
– In reply to: Martina

Så roligt att höra! Tack! Nu är jag hemma från Italien och herregud vad det ska bloggas. Uruselt internet därborta. Tack för pepp!