Our gaming room is gonna get real

On a warmish summer night Jens and I went for a stroll passed our neighbour’s house, he was just about to kick his old TV to the curb. (Actually here in Sweden you have to take it to the recycling station, but “kick it to the curb” sounds better for this story).

Since Jens and I are of the opinion that you can’t have too many televison sets we said: “Hold your horses” and took it home.
On the same night we ordered a RetroPie for the TV and after some adjustments we now have a bunch of old arcade, home-console, and classic PC games. SNAP!
We could’ve hooked this up to our livingroom TV, sure, but this new TV inspired us to have a designated set up for gaming.

Anyway, since this blog is supposed to be about decorating I want to show you my plans for this area of fun.

The gorgeous images above are the backbone of my plans. I keep coming back to them over and over, whatever I’m searching on pinterest, this is what I end up with. I just love them.
1. Stairs 2. Wall art 3. Costume postcard. 4. Livingroom

Clearly I’m using pink for this room. and green. But more importantly lots of  nick nacks that I like.
Below is what I have to work with…

SEATING: This lovely module sofa has been in storage for a while. Why? well it’s been pretty hard for me to make it work in our house. But now is the time.
It’s an old Marimekko – covered module sofa, that used to belong to my grandparents. My kids love it, cause they can transform it to fit their needs.

ART: The dog is a target practice from back when it was leagal to have both animals and people as illustrated targets at shooting ranges. Now it’s not.

CARPET: The one above does not work at all with the sofa. But my son Frank is crazy for feeling something nice under his feet, so I’ll let it stay there for now.
But maybe a natural fiber rug, like Ikea’s Osted, made of sisal. Or something superfluffy.

PLANTS: It’s really dark so plants will die there. However the porcelain cactus will be perfect.

PAINT: As you can see the wall is already pink. I will paint the white wall green.

MORE SEATING: I’m painting this plastic chair. It’s in terrible shape so it really needs it. Green?

LIGHT: Pink neon lights and the white sphere above.

THE SPACE: The room in it’s current state above.

TV: We need some sort of cabinet, old bookshelf or box for the TV and all the cords. This weekend I’m heading out to find it. Second hand naturally.

Let’s talk about this again soon.
Wish me luck.