This is where I woke up

It sure is getting darker in our house. I find myself replacing my pink walls with dark coats of paint. This is my fave place in the whole wide world: our bedroom. Jens made the wallpaper in the ceiling and it has made getting up in the morning even harder, cause I just want to watch it all day.

Also I’m very pleased with the wall mouldings that we added to the walls. There are a few thing left to be done though, I want to replace the cord on the chandelier I think a black one would look better than the excisting chain.

MrPerswall printed the wallpaper for us. The paint is from Allbäck’s Linoljeprodukter. Everything else is vintage.


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Andi Williams
June 18, 2017 at 06:59

What an amazing ceiling! I love how it complemented well with the walls and the overall design of our room. It’s like a centrepiece.