The story of a picture

This is my most pinned picture on Pinterest. I’ve sold the photo several times, to ads in Norway, realtors in the US and for interior magazines who used it to illustrate articles about “Indoor plants”, “Living with kids”, “Fleamarket decor” and “built in bookcases”. Ikea even rented our house for a shoot after they found this image.  It’s also the one picture I get the most emails about, asking for the name of the chair, how the shelf is built and the cabinets color code.  Isn’t that crazy?

I only took it because I wanted some new pictures for this blog. SOOOOOO many pictures on my computer are alive solely because of this blog.
Many of you probably have the same type of archive, thanks to Instagram och Facebook or what ever cool social media communities you hang out on.

Here are some comments on my Pinterest.
“I love how the books take majority of the place and the small tv is barely noticeable” (Ironic since we are big TV-nerds)

“A real house with real children, not the sparkling clean Mcmansion type of house; the real kind with books, mess and engaged kids!”

There is just something about this picture that many people like. There’s lots of things to look at, it’s kinda messy, cords hanging here and there, projects on the table, tape on the floor. In short: things are going on.

So, I think I made my point clear and I’ll end this post with a quote from Jack Black “ALWAYS RECORD, ALWAYS RECORD”


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Andi Williams
June 17, 2017 at 06:29

Probably because it’s just real. Not some very organised interior photo for display. This is a picture of a real HOME. :)