Girls – the finale! Behind the scenes & interviews & two other things to watch

So Girls ended. What did you think about the ending?
I really liked it. Although it surely felt sad leaving them all behind I still think it was a great way to go. This morning on my commute I watched this little behind the scenes, recap of all the seasons clip which I loved. And it also reminded me what about this series that is so great, annoying and daring! So great to see them talk ab out their characters and how it was in the beginning. Thank you Lena for being that voice!
Warning – some spoilers are in this clip above!


Beginning of June the new Blade Runner comes out – also looks pretty damn good!

And I also really enjoyed this trailer with Kirsten Dunn, directorial debut by the Rodarte sisters that opemns in September. I will never watch it- looks way to scary for me but the trailer is a little piece of art. And I do think the movie is going to be as well.