This is what my days looks like while filming

Every morning I wake a little too late. I always forget the little detail that the whole family needs breakfast. I also think my hubby sleeps in for a bit since he has been making the breakfast for most of our 13 years since I’m not really known as speedy gonzales in the morning (but when I gain my speed – damn). So now he is kind of letting me do the work. Fair enough. I can’t do the school run since I have to leave the house at 07.20 each morning so that is up to him.

I don’t really know what happened here since there are no people? Every morning I stand closer to other humans in the subway than I even thought was possible. I’m amazed that I don’t get of my stop with new stuff – like involuntary stealing since it’s so crowded that you don’t know where you end and someone else begins. But it is nice to change trains at Old town to get som fresh air.

A half an hour later I hop on a bus to the northern suburbs of Stockholm where we are filming. Nice view of the cherry blossom status on the way.

Some of the gang of Maxat! We start every morning with a meeting. Our location is an old closed indoor playland/playgorund. Our eating/meeting quarters are in the old party rooms. Terrible colors. haha.

One of last weeks parts of the machine we where building was this giant water balloon. Yeah we are building giant machines. A new one every week. With different themes. It’s a new science/maker/building/fun show for kids that I’m hosting. From October you can watch it on SVT/barnkanalen.

This weeks theme had something to do with poo…

so naturally I had to drop my pants.

We had to test the ballon in different ways. This one broke at the top but still held all the water.

Like an alien laying there. An Alien Barbapapa. Everyone had to check it out. We tried 3 different solutions before getting the balloon where we wanted it. That is such a fun part of the job. Testing what will work and what’s not.

Every day the hours fly. It really is crazy. This day I was so into it I got a big blood blister on my finger and didn’t even realize it. But don’t call the ambulance – I’m ok now.

It’s past 18.30 and on my way home I see this little furry ball while the sun is getting lower. Pretty tired now after running around the whole day. We sit for 30 minutes for lunch otherwise it’s action all the time.

A quick dinner then we’re off to let mini Ronaldo run his long legs. My son has finally got the football bug. He knows everything about every team, every player. He walks around with a ball at all times and even wakes up in the night to say something like – ‘you don’t touch Ronaldo’!  Crazy kid.

Back home I mostly end up in bed earlier than the kids. Or I fall asleep watching them from their sofa. We have also been reading this book about Ronaldo and the kids loved it.
Tomorrow will look pretty much like this days but with new solution to solve.
Crazy but fun days. love it!



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Dana | hello danane
May 3, 2017 at 09:56

Hi! :) Oh, i love this posts about your creative life aaannd it´s so nice to read it again in englisch. Now i can understand your sentence again. ;) It´s so cool that you are back on this plattform.
lovely greatings from berlin. Dana

Isabelle McAllister
May 14, 2017 at 21:42
– In reply to: Dana | hello danane

Thank you Dana! So glad to hear from you and I’m also glad to be back. Although I wish I had some more time blogging. Will do a comeback soon <3