The sustainable Society & small things that makes a difference for the environment.

A group of Swedish bloggers joins together in a community called the Sustainable Society. The idea is to every month create some post under a special theme to inspire to live more sustainable. Today is the first day. If you follow us on Facebook – you’ll see all posts there and on Instagram!

It is always good to think about how you do things. Analyze your own behavior. And it’s always good the get inspired. To try to do even better. That’s why I think this community is such a good idea. I realize that I’m thinking about this a lot. Being sustainable but maybe I’m not talking about it as much as I should. Somehow I think it’s part of everyone think pattern. Because it should be. But then Trump wins and he even denies man-made climate change and suddenly it’s a game changer or maybe more of an eye opener. So maybe I should just start this post really basic by telling the things I do in daily life that I believe makes a difference.

Buy less
There are loads of brands, things and voices talking about the good in their products. How it is made well. And I am sure it is. And of course it’s a good thing. But like when I was at the Formex Fair last time, everyone and everywhere there where signs of eco friendly product but at the same time there was probably 10 times more products. That can’t be right. Just buying ecological and doing sustainable choices can’t be another excuse to buy more. I have thought about starting a brand of my own for years but keep ending up thinking why should a bring yet another product into this world? Maybe it’s better that I try to give inspiration on what you can do with already existing stuff.

The image above is from my living room. Almost everything is bought second hand. Or I bought it more than 10 years ago – like the sofa. The pillows, two frames, some of the pots, the books, some candle holders and the Marshall player are new. The rest is not. I’m telling you – I badly want to change that sofa but I hold my buying horses some more. I know some people really don’t like the feel of old stuff. Get over it! It is just stuff.

Buy ecological
f course I buy stuff. And I travel. And do lots of shitty stuff for the world. But I really try to do my best all the time. When it comes to food we buy all ecological when there is. And sometimes I wait to buy things I want until it’s back in the store or season for it. Or I go to another store. This may seem basic but lots of my friends don’t. And it’s not a money thing.
Also we try not to buy food just because we feel like it. Cause many times it ends up being thrown away. We try to stick to what we know we’ll eat. When we moved I even went for a ecological kitchen.

Remake, re-change, re-paint, mend & re-use
There are so many ways to give stuff an extra life. Just do it! It is fun and the result is almost always more personal and fun than when you started out. Watch some of my clips with Blocket about re-use here.

Well this is a start. I don’t want to picture myself as an eco-angel but I hope to inspire and that we all – together can try to make this world a better place- or at least keep it in ok shape…




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