Search words “shark”, “Nebraska” and “bathroom”

We took the kids to Morrill Hall last time we were in Nebraska. The pictures popped up on my computer when I was searching for images for a new print Jens and I are making. I searched for “Bathroom” , “Tiles”, “Nebraska”, “Shark”. When these came up I felt they needed their own post.
At the National Museeum in Lincoln Nebraska, also known as Elephant Hall, you can see the world’s largest articulated fossil mammoth among the collection of fossil elephants and dinosaurs. Frank had to overcome his own fear before entering this korridor. He was both fascinated and terrified to see these creatures up close. Here are some other creatures we saw there….

Hornless deer with unborn fawn.



Nebraska wildlife diorama

32 million years old mini horse.


SIDENOTE: This is what the bathorrom looks like. I found this dress at a Goodwill. IT WAS ONE DOLLAR!! and it makes me feel like I’m on my way to a casting call for “My So Called Life”

Now I’ve got to get back to those search words.

PS: Jens made this short film from that day…