Isabelle and Jenny

Today Isabelle is in my town, Ystad, Sweden. She is doing a talk at the fair Rum&Hus and if you are in the area you should come!

Anyway this picture of the two of us was taken in Moscow, when we went there for the Season Design Subbotnik. As I was looking for this picture I found photographs of our visit to the Upside down house in Moscow that we just happend to stumble upon when we were walking trough a park.

The up side down house was located on the grounds of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre and naturally we had to enter it.

The building stands on the roof. Visitors walk on the ceiling, they have to jump to reach the floor. Beds are firmly nailed above your head, pillows and blankets do not fall. A fun house deluxe.

Now I’m off to see Isabelle.

Have a nice weekend.

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April 27, 2017 at 00:21

love to see you two together again!!!