April Fool’s Day – the movie

Even though I watched a lot of horror films when I was a kid, I have trouble letting Viola watch any. She is 11, and by that time I had seen some scary shit. Like this classic “April Fool’s Day”. (with the best cover EVER! see below)
Being brought up in the country side of Sweden in the 80’s, I did not have that many video violence options so I took every chance I got. I had an older cousin who , apparently, had seen all the Friday the 13th movies, so he would tell me about them. Also I taped “Pet Cemetery” at a friends house who had the luxury of pirate cable , but with one small catch- NO SOUND. I did not complain, no, me and my little sister Alex have seen the Creed family get murdered 1000 times in complete silence. Kinda artsy really.

Anyway. Since it’s April Fool’s today I’m watching this with Viola. So far she’s only seen the X-files, but I think she’s ready for some 80’s gore. Also her biggest fears are drugs and fanatical Catholics and as far as I can remember none of those are featured in this film. However the Exorsist is out of the question, and so is Scarface.


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April 3, 2017 at 03:56

God…I love this movie! Buffy (and Muffy) is such a Laura Palmer look-a-like in this.