The week of firsts – life thru my mobile

It’s been a fantastic but also crazy week. So much stuff going on. And so many new things happening. Although it’s been extremely fun I’m also very happy it’s weekend now. My brain need to rest from new impressions.
Monday: Started as you know already with all SVT hosts coming together at informational  & educational day. This was my view from the bus going there. Kaknästornet.

Still Monday wearing some of what is going to be my uniform on the new TV show. On one hand I kind of like knowing what Ill be wearing every day for the next 12 weeks. Then I can use my brain for other kind of decisions.

I posted this on Instagram. This is a behind the scenes from another Tv show I’m doing. Problably on air in April. I love the photo art by Linda Alfvegren and I’m happy she wanted to work with us for this project. Find her shop here, and her blog & an interview over at Krickelin. In this project above we also painted the floor. Now I want to do it everywhere. Can’t wait to show you alla of it!

Also had some bumps in the road. The older generation in our family all had some health issues. Damn it.

The cat is extra snugly at the moment. Love having him around. He is so much fun and so curious. And the best model now that the kids have other things to do than model for their mom.

Tuesday I tried Brazilian_jiu-jitsu. The left image is from before and how nervous I was. Trying looking stern and sending fear to the others in the room. Like don’t medd with me kind of vibes. Then the other photo I look like a goofy Zlatan. I had so much fun. But I’m still in pain days afterwards. Loved it. New week I’m back on the mat. I was at SPR Athletic Factory – the coolest and most beautiful gym in _Sweden.

Wednesday night I had dinner at the very wonderful Indio Kitchen. A Japanese – Peruvian crossover food restaurant where the food is amazing. Also I was out with two friends that I known for a very long time. You know that even though we don’t see each other much it still feels like yesterday. I was so tired but still going out for a couple of hours was like taking a mini-vacation. Great times!

At work we’ve been preparing the set, the script, the ideas to make an awesome show. Monday we start shooting it. This is a corner of the big studio that we’re going to use as a kind of lounge. At least that what we think. The show is a first so we need to draw the blueprint.

We’ve been preparing big walls that we can move around as backdrops. A good idea.

But what kind of show are we doing? Well it’s a kids Tv program for Barnkanalen called Maxat (#maxat17) . We are going to build giant machines, Rube Goldberg variations. Science & makers in a fun crazy way. My sidekick is the very smart & fun Erik Ekstrand. The left image is out team – as a team building exercise we made our first machine Thursday. A machine that took that image you can see. We had so much fun. Everyday has been crazy fun. It is so outrageous That crazy fun is the best words I can use.

The only setback is the commute. I’m just not used to it. Normally I work 5 minutes from home or I do stunts away for a couple of days. But 12 weeks is a long stretch for me. I’m not complaining just not used to it.

But now it’s Friday and Friday is holy Wild Kids night at home. Since I’m back new at Dosfamily I guess I have to tell that my daughter Della is on a tv show as well. See her introduction (and our family here).  This weeks episode is one of the best. And also the hardest when the kids compete about meeting their parents after a couple a weeks in the woods. You can watch all the episodes at SVT Play.



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Jenny Brandt
March 27, 2017 at 18:45

I am so happy you are back Isabelle!

Isabelle McAllister
March 30, 2017 at 23:06
– In reply to: Jenny Brandt

Me too Jenny, me too <3