Breakfast and some nicknames

Sometimes we shine as parents, or Jens is usually the one doing the shining, while I watch TV. Like this morning when he made panncakes for breakfast. It makes the house smell so sweet and cozy. Quite lovely to wake up to.
I’m the last one to get up. The kids shout at me to get up from downstairs. They give me a variety of nicknames during the process of getting me up like: “Hey Gladstone Gander time to get up” or the popular: “Come on Bröli” or simply “Betty Bullshit the coffee is getting cold!!!” Jens usually help the kids with the names. So after I hear Viola scream “Hey Louis Cypher time for panncakes” I hear Jens explain to her “It’s just another name for Satan“.

Today I’m going to take a walk in the rain then take a bath. See you later.


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Pip Lincolne
March 3, 2017 at 08:57

Sometimes we call everyone Brian at our house. But we switch out the R for a W. So we say Bw-ian. It seems funny at the time!

Jenny Brandt
March 3, 2017 at 15:53
– In reply to: Pip Lincolne

haha. I can see why