Middle of the week songs – Lennon, Bush, Terje and Shimizu


Here´s a song I’ve been playing a lot lately. “Watching The Wheels” by John Lennon.
It´s a bit blue, especially if you feel like you are , in fact, stuck in that merry go round. If you are and don’t want to dwell on it – skip to the next song.

“Delorean Dynamite” by Todd Terje.
Ohhh  I really enjoy his music. Check out his page if you like.
This song is perfect if you want to keep moving forward even though it’s a struggle.

“Cloudbusting” Kate Bush
This video is so great. I thought it was from a “real” movie when I saw it on MTV as a kid, a movie I really wanted to see more of.

“Kakashi”  Yasuaki Shimizu
If a 3 minute song is not enough to get you out of the blues- you should listen to this album. Keep it playing in the backround of your day. It’s playfull and unexpected. A pure joy.


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Verna Rice
January 31, 2017 at 13:05

I love your pics! Especially that last song, I never heard it before. I love getting to know new things and new bands, it’s always an adventure. Thank you!