I Heart TV – Nora Ephron, Marie Louise Ekman and Anvil


Isabelle made a very sturdy list of television shows she’s been watching lately. You should check it out here!
It inspired me to do one of my own.

Here are 3 documentaries I’ve seen this week:

“Everything is copy” about writer Nora Ephron.
The creator of  e.g “When Harry met Sally”, “Heartburn” and “Julie and Julia” ( I really enjoyed that film by the way).
Get to know a little more about this witty and smart women in this film made by her son.
Also “everything is copy” is a term we live by in our house. The best way to cope with frustrations or failure is to make someting out of it. A funny joke, a picture or a little song that only the members of your own family knows the words to.
Watch it on HBO

“Utflykter” Marie Louise Ekman
A portrait of the of Swedish artist Marie Louise Ekman filmed mostly in her studio in Stockholm and mixed up with old and new interviews and art.
In Sweden you can watch it on SVT Play

“Anvil. The Story of Anvil”
Jens and I return to this documentary often. It’s about the sweet guys from the heavy metal band “Anvil”, a band that never made it.
Yes, I said sweet. They are very lovable.
Above is the trailer.