Remember our coloring book?

coloringbook168A few years back Jens and I made a coloring book. Perhaps you remember?
It was a crowdfunding project and thanks to all our backers it was made possible. ( Read about it here!)
We named the coloring book “El Coloring Book Ridiculoso – a coloring book based on Jenny’s photo” (Because we love long and ridiculous titles)
Today there are so many fun and alternative coloring books. But this was 3 years ago and back then they were not as common.

Anyhow I have a couple of boxes left and I’m putting them back up in our shop.


Here’s some text from the project:

“We love what we do, Jens and I. Photographing and illustrating.
But we’re not in love with the idea of spending 2200 dollars on something that won’t sell. We’ve been there before. Trust me it’s no fun when your mom is the only one saying “I’ll buy one!”

It is risky investing money in a product. Especially when you are a small business like Jens and I.
We need 2200 dollars to cover the printing costs of 1000 copies.

I would hate having those copies collecting dust in our wardrobe. That´s why we are asking for your support. We want to know:

  • Would you buy this coloring book?
    If so show us by contributing.”

Here’s the promotion video we made to get our project going.

El Coloring Book Ridiculoso from Jenny Brandt on Vimeo.


Read more about it here!


This was so much fun and remanissing about it makes me want to do another crowdfunding project.