Random images from my mobile. Last weeks have been crazier than crazy. I’ve got the flu and had to work anyway with the consequence that the illness never left and that I’m Klein blue under my eyes. Just a quick update and soon back on track with the blogging again.
Above: I bought a sofa bed to the kids room. They love it! I found a classic Ligne Roset Togo , a sofa bed version. It was very cheap second hand probably because of the color-  Landstinget yellow (the same color as on the blankets in Swedish hospitals). Have to to a post about this sofa later on.

My daughter Della (in the middle between her friends Moly & Tyra) had a Halloween party at school and it was fun to see how she was preparing her outfits for days. I love when the kids go for their own ideas.

Meet Peppar, well no it’s not our cat but our friends found a cat that someone just left in the woods after the summer (insert sad cat emoji here and also a skull emoji for the old owners). Such a cutie, glad he found new great people to hang with!


Rain and cold. I read that Stockholm had like 25 minutes sun these past 2 weeks.

Bring your dad to work day! We filmed some clips for Blocket last week and my dad was helping out! Yay. We where in the studio of Löfsrands Verkstad.


The Blocket film crew <3


I also filmed some days with Bredbandsbolaget last weeks. Here is me with Fredrik the tech wizz kid and my partner in crime during these series. We had a lot of fun. Although I had high fever a couple of the days working.


Heres a sneakpeak / behind the scenes of what we where filming – do you see what we are doing? Also I fell in love with this Lisa Bengtsson wallpaper called Poppy that I used for this thing.


In between all the jobs I took the time to watch some Greys Anatomy in bath. Actually I’m in a hotel room in Gothenburg right now and probably I’ll go for another episode tonight.I think the series got much better again after McDreamy stopped. Who would have guessed? IMG_7189

This weekend I give talks and have a consulting area at Hem Villa & Bostadsrättsmässan in Gothenburg. Tomorrow and Sunday I’m on stage at 12.30-13.00 if you want to come!