3 Milano tips hotel, museum & bar


How is it that you travel for a couple of days and it feels like weeks? I love that feeling. Extra good is it when you can combine business and pleasure. Like I did on this trip. So I started with two days in Milan. Last time I was there it was a Sunday in August. Everything was closed. It wasn’t a human being in sight. So so boring. But this time the city of fashion got back with a vengeance. I loved it.

milano-02112 milano-02120

I already blogged about this place but it’s worth to do it again. The Bar Luce at the Fondazione di Prada. The filmmaker Wes Anderson has made this cafe with his team and it’s really fantastic. The details, the colors and the fun small things. And yes the food was also good. (just a minor detail). It was also a big fashion runway. Damn so many cool people going there.


Looki looki such an beautiful Swedish man. <3



The rest of the PRada museum is ok. The location is fantastic, the rooms and houses and garden/yard. But the art was sometimes too much even for me. When things get to arty somehow. But still so worth it.

milano-02149 milano-02150

So where to stay in Milan? I got an insider tips of a small boutique hotel called Maison Borella and I liked it a lot.  It was right by the canal you can see in the top picture in this post that we also could see from our window. Above was our view from the back windows. The rooms was simple but stylish. Great service and a for a good price.

milano-02151 milano-02152

One day I’m going to live in a house with a green facade like this. And have a pool!


Close to the hotel was this little gelateria. Ice cream at it’s best!

milano-02163  milano-02186
We took a stroll around the Ticinese neighborhood. And visited the bar/hotel The Yard. A fantastic place with a million things to look at.


The lobby/bar has a colonial vibe over it. And has a large terrace , cinema room and other rather funky corners.


I got a great Champagne drink in a coffee cup.


While Andy was watching.


Our daughters name is Della – in Italian Della is a preposition so her name is naturally everywhere! A nice reminder when i got homesick.

milano-6246 milano-2

The breakfast room at the hotel. This was the ceiling! What a great way to show plates!

I also found this cool building. So ugly it’s kind of beautiful. But still look at the colors!

Thank you Milan – I’ll be back for sure!