Photographing silver in Malmö


Just got back from photographing in Malmö and , just like yesterday,  I was offered some great seating where I could check my instagram. Yay!
I’ve been shooting jewelry on fingers, arms and around necks at the studio of Beata Svensson, the designer of Atom47.
Beata did our rings (that I LOVE) for the wedding and today I both photographed and modelled for her. She only wanted my hair, I know =)

In my line of work I come across so many talented and creative women who run their own buisness. Starting your own biz is no walk in the park and these fierce women work hard at pursuing their goals for how they wanna live and work. Like Jennifer of the store Bag all. Mirijam from the tattoo removal studio A Bushel & a Peck. Helena and Liselotte from flower and decor shop Skumpa & Spalje (from yesterday) and today, silversmith Beata Svensson from Atom47, to name a few. They” keep on keeping on” and are truly inspiring.

Anyway… yesterday when I was at the flower shop I had to buy some flowers to bring home and today I was just as bad. I just had to have the necklace above.


I stole this pic of me next to Farha from Beata’s instagram @atom_478b7b4352

Here are my wedding rings btw.
It’s the”My kind of Dimond ring” (black), Raw Rock (Black), and one wedding band with dots on it.