B as in Balloons. Björk and Big Boy


It’s time to take another step in my “I Spy- alphabet game”. Today I’ll be focusing on stuff beginning with the letter B.
I took a tour in my studio and saw so many B-things, bbbbut these 3 made the cut.

Here goes “I spy with my little eye something starting with the letter B…”


B as in Björk.
I was a teenager in the 90’s. MTV was constantly playing in the background. To me Björk is the essence of 90’s music and this album “debut” (1993) had so many hits, pretty much all of the tracks. “Human Behaviour“, “Venus as a boy“. “Big time sensuality” to name a few. And the videos are so great.

dosfamily-jennystoys6B as in Big Boy.
Another classic toy from the US that I hold dear. Just like Raggedy Anne ,from last time,  you can find this figure (it’s actually a piggybank) in every antique shop in the american midwest. He is the poster boy for the hamburger place “Big Boy”. From 1936.



B as in Balloons.
Helium Mickey and Minnie in our studio. We bought them on our wedding day at Tivoli gardens. See that post here!

That´s this week´s letter.
I´ll be back with C next time. Hmmm what can it be? Cotton candy? Candy Crush? Candice Bergen?
Come back and find out.


I´ve decided to join this ABC challange that my Australian blogger colleague Pip at Meet Me At Mikes started. An alphabetical “I Spy… game” A new letter each week to inspire a new blog post.
Naturally we´re starting with the letter A, then a new letter each week. I agree with Pip: blogging used to be more about things like this a few years back. Sending out challanges for other bloggers to accept. Remember our Family Picture challenge? I miss it.

I spy A


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