One week to start it all


This last week, before school starts, has been a bit packed, so far. I´m trying to wash 7000 pieces of clothing that has piled up all summer and hopefully get the recycling sorted (also 7000 pieces)
All the activites that the kids are involved in during the school semester have already started and everyone is eager to get back in the game. Especially me. I miss working without being interupted by kids who are hungry, restless or just in the mood to show me things on youtube.


I´m pretty excited about this fall and I have some fun projects booked.
First of all Jens and I are going to Copenhagen this week for the launch of Sandberg´s new wallpaper collection, Familj, that we photographed and filmed for them last spring. Above is a sneak peak.
Later this week the yearly event Malmö Festivalen starts. I´ve been involved with the project “Malmös vardagsrum” (Malmö´s living room) for Skånes Stadsmission.
We visited 3 families in Malmö, I photographed them and their living rooms and now Stadsmissonen are recreating those rooms in shipping containers, in the center of  the city, that you can visit. (starting this Friday). Such a great idea, I´m so happy they asked me to be a part of it. There will be some snacks and some super friendly people to chat with. Go visit! Also all the furniture and decor will be for sale on the last day. All proceeds will go to Stadsmissionen´s work to help people in need.
Above is one of my photos of the family Vega.

Read more about it here.

Next week I´m giving my first talk ever. The imigration center in our town invited me to come and speak to a group of people who are studying Swedish. I happily excepted and can´t wait to force my rambling on a bunch of strangers. Above you can see what I´m planing to wear and how to act.

That´s it for now.