Om my way to Lisa Grue´s studio to meet Sandberg friends


Jens and I are in Copenhagen this week to attend the launch of the wallpaper collection “Familj” by Sandberg Wallpaper.
Sandberg asked me to photograph the collection (early this spring) and now it´s finally here. The wallpaper above is called “Lotte”, designed by Lisa Grue (I´ve photographed her home and studio once, remember?). 
I love my model Nelly´s look in this picture. All: “messy hair-don´t care” attitude.

Today we´re all meeting up at Lisa Grue´s studio to celebrate the launch, hang out and have lunch. I´ll show you more from the collection next week when it´s ready to order.


This wallpaper is called “Ella” design by Johanna Skånmyr




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