Blood, sweat, tears & Female hope

A couple of years ago I couldn’t even say the word mens i Swedish – menstruation – out loud. It was something to be ashamed of. Then I got older but also the menstrual cup entered my life (and to be frank my vajayjay hehe) and everything changed. Now me and my friends talk about it alot. And we force our men to acknowledge it as well.
This is what an ad should look like. “Fuck all those oh no I can’t go to a party in my white pants because of my period with buttterflies ads”
I don’t want to be ashamed anymore.

Don’t let your period stop you!!
(turn up the sound and full screeen on the clip above) yeah

And don’t let your age stop you either! This 86 year old nun is amazing!
Monday I tried a diving class! It was so much fun – We did special jumps from 5 meters and I even dove from 3 meters (but got a bit pain in my neck). Next thing we want to try – me and my friend Blenda is Icehockey, wrestling & I want to learn at least how to do an Ollie on a Skateboard. a windmill would be fun too!

I’m the first Simone Biles!
When I was a kid I cartwheeled more than actually walked. I always loved gymnastics. So watching Simone Biles during the Olympics made me cry. Also Aly reismen’s fantastic performance- WOW. REad more about Simone here in New York Times

Olga Kurbut Flashback! Just look what was aloud to to back in the days. Amazing!

Also if you like the gymnastics – watch the full movie about Nadia Comaneci on you tube. I had this movie on VHS as a kid and probably seen it 1000 times.

I’m just thinking how greatful I am with a lot of kick as women around me. Who, I dare to say, will never end up as boring narrow minded old men.

Go for it!