Portland- a new favorite!

We’ve been driving many miles and experiencing a great deal that I’ve been too beaten at night to blog. Also road tripping means al lot of research so most of my night time has gone to that. But I have lots to show you so please check in with me now and then. Cause I will be updating!!

Portland. Yes we were told if you’ve seen Seattle you don’t need to go to Portland. But maybe I didn’t see Seattle? Cause Portland is awesome. First we wanted to skip it to do a Twilight tour out in Forks where they Filmed the movies but it was gonna pour. So we killed a darling( or rather I did the killing the others we’re not that interested to begin with). We checked in at Ace hotel which was really great and smack in the middle of happening downtown area. With cool shops and restaurants. We just had one day so we basically stayed in this hood.

One of the coolest shops was Poler. Thinks super cool printed outdoors gear in a very thought through concept store. Then you have polar. I wanted to quit my day job and just go hiking all the time. 

Also check out that couch with what looks like belts and old tent canvas!

Nice shops with art integrated in the stores.

Beppe found a matching buddy watching elephants! 👯

Lots of cool street art!

And naturally I love it when the hotel has a photo booth. How cute are my kids <3

THE hotel lobby with an industrial vibe.

IVe somehow heard about the schoolhouse electric supply store. It a bit outside the city center but worth a visit. Not so big but still fun stuff.

The do they’re own products as well as selling others.

I want these in my size. Looks like the ones from toteme?!

The whole store was filled with styled corners like this.

And the house was an old favorite from the 1800.

Always an ideal setting to do fun stuff.

I liked this long bench with small boxes.

Portland was filled with great street art.

Also visit Powells books– one of the best coolest and well stocked bookstores I’ve ever seen. You’ll never know the book business is in crisis. If Powells was an home I would pack my stuff and live there.

Buffalo exchange

One of the best second hand stores really.The whole family found a lot. Cheap, modern stuff. Very fun and close to Powells. I could live at Powells and have my walk in closet at Buffaloes!

Anthropologie. Yeah yeah I know – that store again? But yes this is the biggest one I Ever seen. And they had like all the interior stuff they otherwise carry on the net! Yeah!

Voodoo doughnuts 

People stand in line for like an hour for these. So I send my hubby. ( insert smart smiling smily here). You can get them with bacon and stuff. And it’s open around the clock. Well they where good. But the bestest? I don’t know. Apparently blue star donuts are even better! 

Brunch Tasty n alder

Is supposed to be great but it was an hour wait and the kids just couldn’t do it. But it looked great!

So yes. Portland is fun and happening! Feels a bit like New York in style but less crowded/crazy and more of a overall lumber – hiking vibe. Me like!




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July 15, 2016 at 14:23

I’m American (live in Wisconsin) and find it fascinating to see my country through your eyes. I love every one of your posts! I think you are capturing perfectly the essence of each place you visit.

Isabelle McAllister
August 1, 2016 at 21:52
– In reply to: Meg

Thank ou meg! I will try to post more now when I have better broadband!