Life in Seattle


Here comes some bits and pieces from our days in Seattle! Did you know Boeing, Starbucks and Amazon all comes from Seattle?
First – check out the Museum of Flight! What a great museum! You can go there for two whole days and not get bored. Well a couple of hours was also enough but so well done and so many cool things to see! From mail planes, to commercial flights, air military Top Gun planes and rocket ships. I’m very impressed. I didn’t find a room to cure fear of flying but just being there and reading all stories helped a bit!


One day we went around the new kind of hip Ballard district in town. Here is a new gym made  with an old touch.


Camouflaged fire post out on the curb


Almost like a cowboy!


Downtown Seattle with nice details.


We had donuts at Pike Place Market. It’s a big market with food, small touristy things and flowers. And lots of lots of people. The most popular thing was a market place that threw fish between the salespeople every time someone bought one. There were also bands – playing with cats on leaches and weird cool homemade instruments.


For lunch we went to Mexican Senor Moose

I’m sad I didn’t buy these iron on patches from the Prism store – they where awesome. Actually the whole prism shop was nice.


Still in the Ballard district.


On Ballard avenue close to Market str where loads of small shops.


When we went thrifting we also found some harder areas. Apparently there are more and more homeless in Seattle at the moment.


We also went shopping at Trader Joe’s – I’m gonna do a post by it self about this food store since it’s fantastic!


This is what the living room looks like at my husband aunts place where we were staying!



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July 12, 2016 at 09:28

Vi behöver en Traders Joe i Sverige! Visste du att barnen kan leta upp ett mjukisdjur i affären som personalen har gömt på morgonen och sen går man till “the Counter” och berättar vart man hittat den och så får man en present.

Isabelle McAllister
July 13, 2016 at 07:37
– In reply to: Pernilla

Haha nej visste inte det! Gör affären ännu mer magisk!