Days are spent looking for Pokémons

pokemon5June was spent on the beach and July is beeing spent Pokémon hunting.
The weather hasn´t been as warm in July as it was in June so the beach isn´t as tempting anymore. Pokémon Go came at a perfect time, when we were ready for some new adventures. We´ve been roaming the streets of Ystad adding creatures to our collections. (The pictures are from an abounded castle)

We can´t wait for Mindcraft to offer the same sort of service. Then we will build you things that you can come look at via your phones, like a skyscraper in our backyard. A giant robot sitting on the roof of the curch, crossed the street from our house, eating watermelon. And naturally some unicorns next to the cows and horses at pastures all over our landscape.
Can´t wait!
pokemon45 pokemon9