Weekend action


8B7B2445So… the weekend came and went as quickly as usual.
I did some cleaning in the basement. Jens installed a new computer. I watched Peaky Blinders which lead me to Tom Hardy and then to Mad Max Fury Road. It was quite insane and reminded me to watch more action films.  I´ve been so turned off to action latley. I blame Michael Bay. YAWN.

A few things I liked about MAD MAX Fury Road:
1. The junk-yard DIYérs.
Just like in the original Mad Max movie, these left over people have been forced to get creative with metal, they´ve rebuilt cars to look like monsters (Some are equipt with fighters on poles, called pole cats, who can dip down into a enemie car and neatly place a stick of dynamite there)
2. Their fashion is just as brutal-looking as their cars, with scrap metal, leather and chains.
3. Many characters look sick, disgusting and worn. I love that.
4. And ofcourse all the women playing parts that we are so used to seeing men play.