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These are the most common questions people ask me:

I don´t get it, what do you do?
I´m a photographer who enjoys blogging and home decor. I also run the printshop with Jens. You can read about HOW I became a photographer here!

What kind of a cat is Saba?
She is a Laperm, an allergy friendly breed.

How do you find things on Ebay?
For real – people ask me this so often. I´ve written a few posts about my finds before. Read them here!

Just gather all the stuff from your brain that you like:
For me that list could look like this:
Grace Jones, cotton candy, Leslie Nielsen, the pink panther, Divine, the Shining girls, cookie monster, tv ,daydreaming etc
Give your words a try in the search engine. I´m sure you´ll find things there.

For a while I wanted everything associated with ALF. I searched for “ALF” in all categories, found lots of fun stuff like toys, backpacks, old cereal boxes and even behind the scenes photographs from the show. Speaking of that… there are so many nice photographs from moveis that you can buy on ebay. Just search for that actress or movie that you like.

But if you´re still feeling uninspired then go ahead and use my saved search words that are:
“hunted”, “holy”, “wooden doll”, “sigourney weaver”, “outrageous”, “behind the scenes”, “oddities”, “lot” (meaning a large amount of items)

Some of the obvious words like “vintage” and “retro” are being over used at the moment and will give you many search results.
But if you have the time scroll through. When I´m in a hurry I usually use “Old” instead of “vintage”.


Good luck!


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April 22, 2016 at 20:10

asså, du e ba bäst! plockar upp mig typ när som helst. och det skall du ha stort tack för! å ändå tänker jag helt osmickrande på den elaka styvmodern ,som häxa, i snövit när jag tänker på dig.