Life in the woods. Sauna, painting and animal spotting


Found him sitting in the woods. Still like this for a very very very long time. On top of a mossy stump. What kind of creatures does he spot that I’m unable to?


This sauna must be the best thing I’ve made. You just go in there and all your troubles (maybe imaginary but still) melts away.


Out neighbor Kvitter’s horse Rubi. Such a beauty! A beast – at least 2 meters high and all strong muscles! I dream of someday go fast through the woods with a force like him <3


Remember. If you don’t wait too long it’s possible to paint over small spots and cracks in the paint. A little sweet retouch. And you won’t even see it! If you wait too long the color can change with the sunlight. But if you keep a little pot with some paint it’s easy to make it look new again!