Polly Lee´s new room – by Isabelle McAllister


You should head over to Isabelle´s blog and check out this room she did with Beckers for Family Living.
Polle Lee wanted a make over of her room and Isabelle and her assistent Elin came to the rescue.


To get all the color codes from this room click on this link. Sveriges-trakigaste-barnrum-Foto-Emily-Dahl-6-700x970

I´m happy to see our prints Scary Hand and This is art used here in such a fun way.


New Issue of Family Living is out in stores today February 23rd
This is a collaboration with Family Living and Beckers.

Photo’s by Emily Dahl  (super-photographer with a very nice blog)
Assistant: Elin Wallin   (you need to follow Elin´s sweet instagram if you like family friendly decor)


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March 7, 2016 at 18:39

Thanks darling!

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