Lovely Persborg


We took a trip to hang with some friends over in the neighboring village of Rättvik today. After lunch we went for a stroll, down to the lake.
    This place used to be a hotel. A fancy place to go on holidays, dance on the pier, get some fresh air and have fun. But it burned down. A couple of years ago the part called Sjugare village made the pier happen again.

On the planks you can see the names of the donors that made the rebuild happen. Sweet! 
  Imagine in just a couple of months- we can come back here to swim!

Or rent this little house! I posted an image on Instagram and a girl told me she got married here! Looks like the perfect place!
The ice is starting to melt. But it felt safe to wander just a little bit. The kids where psyched!

Along the shore is the railroad. Lots of towns has the railroads stupidly close to the water. I mean nowadays we have other priorities- would be nicer to have restaurants, villas and other stuff close to the lake!

 This little hut is called the love nest! Just next to the pier& railroad.

Me and hubby is heading there now;-)

Happy Easter!