longing for outdoors

I want to travel, meet people, smell the sea and feel cold on my face. It’s like something switched in me when skiing last week. I get itchy of staring at my computer. Get angry when I see everyone including myself are stuck to our phones. I think I need more nature. So I’ll be going now!

Also watching this new tv show about kids in School. How they move less than ever before. How they stare into their phones. How they feel lonely. <3
It’s in Swedish but I really recommend my Swedish readers to watch Gymnastikläraren with Kalle Zackari Wahlström.  He really connects with the kids and you feel the low spirit in the school and how everyone wants to to their best but somehow got lost. I really think Swedish schools need much more sports in school. It’s going to be essential to the society in the future. When I did my book Rum För Kidsen I interviewed scholars about kids habits of moving. And they confirm that our kids get fatter and fatter and in less shapes with every year. That’s why I like to put up gymnastic rings and other fun things to move, crawl, climb and hang in kid rooms. It’s important!

Also how can it be aloud to use your phones during school time? I’m all for tech help during class but I think the mobiles should go.