Dos Visits Sandie Hasche in Lund, Sweden

Welcome to another visit

This home in Lund, Sweden, belongs to Sandie Hasche and her daughters. It is full of retro gems and all kind of lovely things, mostly midcentury design.

Sandie is excellent at finding vintage furniture. Actually, she´s so good at it she gave up her full time job to start her own antique shop. Reformfurniture.
I went to visit her on a hot summer day 2015 and as you can imagin it was such a treat to photograph.
I´m sure you´ll enjoy it.

You´ll find Reformfurniture here
and on @reformfurniture
If you´re ever in the Lund/Malmö area you should go visit her store. (Here is all the info)

As usual, click the images for a better look and captions.
All photos by me, Jenny Brandt.

KitchenA pair of helping hands ,painted copper, in the kitchenLivingroom with dark blue, a picture wall and lots of brass and also the sunI love how she hung all those lamps together.Yes, you´re right those are the bears from the sylvanian´s a closer lookMick Jagger and Highland parkThe rooms are so generous in size and they all have exit out to the deck.Brass and bedroomSandie installed a wall to wall wardrobe with mirrors on the doors in the dining room. Sandie painted this Magis puppy gold, she´s so bold. Boot jack and gucci
outsideWallpaper glue and magazin pagesI actually saw this hand chair in an online ad but Sandie beat me to it. (this was long before I knew her) Thank you for having me.


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March 23, 2016 at 21:10

Really stunning home, something you rarely see. Almost as something unreal :-)

March 23, 2016 at 22:28

Such a fun, beautiful and Fantastic home Xxx