Yes, I have search the internet and this is some things I found!


It’s that time of the year that I dream myself away more than stying in the present. I want to travel, feel the sun prickle my body, I want to go fast down a slope and jump from a cliff into warm water. I want to go for drinks on a busy New York street ans I want to search a market for food I don’t know the name of. So I dream myself away with the help of my friend internet. First I found Live Fast magazine. I want to spend a whole day reading and looking at everything. But First I want to go to Verana Hotel in Mexico – the pool above is from there and the flower below!  DSC002461 madame_tricot

Then I got a mail from very cool and talented Erica Laurell that can do about everything crochet – she has a new instagram account with very dreamy crochet friends! Check out @madame_tricot

I don’t read food blogs but I somehow stumbled upon this recipe of veggie  Green polenta pizza from the what should I eat for breakfast blog. Got to make this someday or make my hubby to do it. Since I can’t really cook.

I also saw this Ted Talks about WHAT MAKES A GOOD LIFE. From studying happiness and people for over 70 years. Yea, Havard has been doing that! Apparently it all about relationships. So how is your relationships?

NY Times about Why do we teach girls that it is cute to to be scared. Was also an interesting read.

The No-Sir web shop with only female designers also has some really funk stuff. I like this rug!