Podcast tip: This American Life – all night & day long

Last week when I was driving through Sweden I listened to like a million episodes from This American Life. Damn they’re good. Telling ordinary and unusual stories always in such a fantastic and easy way. Showing the wonders of life. And somehow if you’re just curious you can find a interesting story in like pretty much everything.

Some of the episodes that got stuck:

Human Batman – is it possible for a blind man to actual see?
This ep is about a year old but I think about it alot. So interesting. About the way we see things, about how we sometimes hold back the people we love because the thought of loosing them are to much to handle.

The super – you live with the persons you have to get the rent from. Tales from different supers, tennants and landlords.

Cars – They spend a month at a Jeep dealership in Long Island. Different sales tactics and hard work behind selling cars is what you get.

Status Update – How does a couple of 14 years old explain how they use the net and was status updates mean to them. Very interesting.

Transformers: Taking on big fears. They meet different people who transform themselves!

Which shows/ podcasts are you listening to?