Material Girl

I wouldn’t say I’m stingy (who would?? haha) but I don’t spend much on things, clothes, bags, cars or stuff. I like to buy second hand, make a bargain, remake stuff I have, have found or got along the way. My home is filled with left overs from work or things I made or bought at a flea market or on some travels. I do enjoy design furniture & clothes but I really don’t care about brands. I bought a really beautiful dress last year because I loved the pattern so much but I have a problem when people say oh you’re wearing so and so. I just want it to be a beautiful dress – not a label. I don’t have a problem spending money if it’s for a good cause, a ecological product or on food and friends. That’s why I’m a bit chocked about my skiing habits. I love skiing. Going fast down the slopes. Being outside, in nature. When I was younger my father thought me and then I snowboarded  for a while in my teens. Then I stopped.
When Della wanted to try 5 years ago I didn’t think it was for me anymore. But I was so wrong. A nice little mountain is just 15 minutes from our cottage in Leksand. We bought some cheap second hand gear from the local ski shop. It worked great.

Film above – press play!!
The whole family got totally hooked. I felt like the best parent ever. Being outside, having fun together in the snow. And also – the trick to survive the Swedish winters is to embrace the snow. Me and my hubby also took ski trips alone – just the two of us. I started to love it.
The thing is skiing is a material sport. And it’s expensive. Ski passes, clothes, cabins, skis, helmets – the list goes on and on. And when you get better you start to realize there are loads but loads of different gears that can get your experience to new heights. I’m still pretty reasonable. I kept my old skis and my second hand ugly and teared pants. My boots broke and I decided to buy new ones but I bought way too big ones. I hadn’t learned that they should be really tight. Then I sold those ones and spent hours trying to find the perfect fit. I got obsessed, not only for it to be right but also because I thought it was so much money. For boots – to go skiing! I mean come on. It’s not like I do it every day. My husband almost got crazy with me because I obsessed so much and tried about a 1000 pairs. All these feelings.


In the end I got fed up with myself. I think it’s good to think about what you spend your money on but there’s a limit to everything. So I went to a great old school ski shop where they just look at your feet and legs to tell you what you need. And I bought some new boots. This was 2 years ago and every run I made my feet hurt like hell.  But it was supposed to be the best boots ever and I was just done complaining. And didn’t want to go through all this hustle of finding a new pair again. And I felt a bit ashamed. “Oh no did I buy the wrong pair again”

But this x-mas we went skiing for a week and I went to another ski store to fix everything. They helped me with all the different buckles and they also knocked the boots out to make a bit more room for my toes. God it was heaven. The boots are now perfect! They also took the time to learn me all kinds of things about ski gear. So much fun. And I got to try different skis!  Some skis was the boss over me and other was just such a pleasure. Like with all material sports it also all about how you think you are and what gear that suits your mind more than who you actually are! A bit like driving a Jeep but living in middle of town. In my mind I’m an off piste girl but actually I did it once. Appearance can take you a long way but sometimes it’s also good to be sober about yourself. Anyways. I got my boots fixed and I bought a new pair of skis. (They’re Stöckli Axis Motion if anyone is interested) And it’s fantastic. The gear helps me. I now run down the mountains faster than ever & screaming with joy. Actually what I wanted to say with this long rant is that I guess I learned to be a material girl in one aspect of my life and it feels great!