Last Friday – my day

This is an ordinary Friday in my life, everything was grey and the photo’s reflects it. But tag along if you feel for it.

They’re so big now. I don’t need to walk them to school anymore. I still do but today they wanted the freedom of going parentless to school.


I think the cat is sad. That he misses us when we’re away all day. My husband says it’s just a cat. That they don’t think like that. But I KNOW my cats feelings.

shit00419  0900
I  met neighbors in the staircase – freshly showered and perfumed. I hope they didn’t smell the cat litter I was going out with. Like oh – there’s that crazy cat lady on floor 4. She stinks!

iloveu00420   10.00 Someone had written a lovely message for me on the street. No not for me but I pictured a nice valentines pizza at someones home?


10.30 I love this Stockholm mix of very old houses and new. Feels like I’m living in a dreamy city. This is smack in the middle of town.

11.00 A quick visit to my studio mate Stina’s home. This use to be part of the house staircase but is now transformed to be a part of their apartment. Love when unintentional things become a great detail in the end.

Back to the studio and look who I found! Elin is back working with me. yay!


13.oo I’m doing a kids room in a private home right now. The lead words is crazy, over the top with lots of climbing possibilities! Couldn’t be any better!

elinfonster214.oo Elin is checking out the size of one of the things that we wanna build. Is it possible to watch TV from this height if we put the TV in a box? Yes, we think so!


15.30 I meet my kids at the local food store. They had picked all the groceries we needed to make Taco Friday! and where almost done shopping when I got there. I found them at the meat counter testing 5 different sorts of salami…


16.30 Sun sets over Södermalm in Stockholm and the so much needed Weeknd begins!

18.00 Back at home in my bathroom I have 2 new friends. A dotted plant and a naked lady from the 1920′



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Maria Sarhammar
February 26, 2016 at 06:27

Hej Isabelle! Gillar din blogg – fina bilder och generellt superinspirerande!
Vad använder du för program när du gör planritningar i 2D och 3D? Är ute och letar men har inte hittat något som känns enkelt och snyggt än. Tack på förhand och ha en fin helg! /Maria

isabelle Mcallister
March 7, 2016 at 17:36
– In reply to: Maria Sarhammar

Hej maria, förlåt för sent svar. Såg detta nu! Jag ritar oftast mest för hand men här har jag använt google Sketch up som är gratis och lätt att förstå. Hoppas det kan hjälpa!

Maria Sarhammar
March 7, 2016 at 19:51
– In reply to: isabelle Mcallister

Hej igen! Åh vad bra, tack för tipset! Hade faktiskt redan laddat ner det men inte kommit igång än. Ha en fin kväll!