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Oh we talked about this yesterday at the studio. How come a lot of men act weird when you are just saying hi. I get that quite alot. I can meet someone on the street that I know from work or via via some friends and suddenly when I say HI – how nice to see ya! They become all Oh I’m sorry I have to meet my GIRLFRIEND or Hi lovely to meet you but I can’t talk right now and I haven’t said a word yet. What’s up with this behavior? It’s not like I’m stalking the guy or come running from 30 meters just to say hi. and I’m happily married so that’s not the point either. It’s just like some men think I’m gonna swallow them hole or what? Haha it’s very funny and I wonder if the men even realize they do this at all & what do they think inside?
Do you recognize this at all?

Just friendly

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