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 Organizing and catching up has been my lead words for this weekend. I had some kind of family issues to take care of last week and my head was totally swimming with stuff. Had to pause it all.

Have you tried a backwards dinner? You know starting with the dessert and move all back to finish with the first course? Kind of fun on paper but in real – personally I think I just want to skip everything but the sweets… Well, this post will be like it. not that you want to skip it hopefully but it will be backwards.
Yesterday I went to an exhibition called Utopian Bodies  – Fashion Looks froward at the Liljevachs Public Art Gallery. It was amazing!!

Not only was the clothes, fabric and information interesting but the rooms was fabulous as well! Curated by Sofia Hedman who did a fantastic job! I got so inspired – about future, about what I’m doing and wearing. Really need to step my clothes game up again! This first room was build with EU pallets.
See more great photo’s at Sofias homeage.

And this room with the ideas of uniforms – all in paper flowers.   I actually made a guest toilet like this when I was 19 and a bit depressed, living in Belgium. The only thing keeping me up was making paper flowers and the I glued them to the walls in a small toilet hidden in a closet. The thing is that the small room got totally sound proof. It was kind of scary going to the toilet in there…

  Do you see the faces on the dress?

How cool and scary is this?!
There where also videos about jackets that could clean the environment, dresses becoming water with age and rebellic clothing!

And the colors in this room. Yeah you know I loved it! The show is until February the 7th! Don’t miss it – if you are in Stockholm.

My husband and father in law. We did a classic Stockholm Sunday with an art show and then lunch at Blå Porten. Us and 100 kulturtanter.

A kulturtant is a 50+ Swedish lady who is interested in stuff. Goes to art shows, talks, wants to meet people and learn. They are the bestest! THis one had pimped her ride – big time! I asked her if she had customized the critches herself. She looked offended and was like but heey of course I did. And then very proud told me she bought all the yarn at a thrift shop.

  At home the cat looked a bit like Salvador Dali with his double mustache.

And the snow melted, everything got wet and this is the light in my street at 15.30 in the afternoon.  Depressing.

End of last week I also went by Granit’s press show for Spring 2016.

Well folk’s that’s all for now!




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January 26, 2016 at 17:47

Tänk att jag var i Sthlm och missade den utställningen! Kulturtanter äger. Kram