My 2015 part 1


What a year. I think so much happened that I kind of forgot it all since I can’t keep track anymore. Just by sitting going through it all like this made me realize it was alot.
The year started with time off at our cabin. My youngest kiddo learned how to ski. Fabulous! Such a freedom when they get older.

The older kid kept on changing her hair color. We use the Manic Panic brand without bad chemicals. The cat is natural grey.


We packed all out stuff in the old apartment and I started to plan the big renovation at the new place. Here looking at the colors for the kitchen.


Then finally in en January, after 4 months waiting.We got the keys! And celebrated with a handstand and a semla! No just kiddin’ lot’s of Semlor.


We had two weeks of hardcore work before we had to get out of the other apartment and move in. We did the floors on both floors, moved the kitchen and started to paint.


I love to build and renovate so I was in heaven but it was kind heavy of since I decided to to a you tube series about it – Isabelle Flyttar, and doing alot of the job by myself or I had dad and Therese the painter and  Ricardo and his floor gang. But still I was very hands on.

And I also managed to get all dolled up for Elles design awards 2015 party. This image is taken just the same moment as the designer Lisa Bengtsson is telling me that she is pregnant!


Then we moved out! 9 years at this place. End of an era. Bye bye you where good to us!


I also had a works hop with like 200 kids during the sports holidays at the first original Ikea down in Älmhult. Then back to the work at home and then…

I squeezed in a couple of talks – like this one about content and new communication & ideas.


The kids room got some wallpapers and the hiding place /Beppes corner got finished.


All this working, at home and “normal” jobs – if you can call my jobs normal got to the family since you just can’t pause kids, and illness and not having a kitchen an all that stuff. Della got really sick in all this and I’m kind of stupid wanting to finish everything myself instead of getting some extra help.


And I got really tired. As you can see!

Tired but still managed to go to Nässjö (this piece made by ROA is in Nässjö), Linköping, Malmö, Umeå, Skellefteå to do some more talks. Very fun but like I said kind of heavy.

I had to catch my breath by hanging with one of the best. Jenny!! In Copenhagen – see all my posts with travel tips here.

This was also the time we decided to split our beloved blog Dosfamily and I started blogging here at Elle!

This was the first couple of months of 2015. I’ll be back with more soon!