Life at my apartment


It’s funny how I work with interiors all the time but right now at my own home it kind of got stuck. We’ve been here almost a year and in my eyes there are still so many small things to do. I guess I just need to prioritize. And maybe keep my vacuum cleaner out of the photo’s in the future…

Like the tv and alla the art need to get up on the wall. I need some structure. An AT-At in my living room – that I don’t mind.


This is Della’s dress she had at our wedding! I made a small dress to her of a part of my dress. Read more about it here.

Hello little strange hand!
I have to do another post about the dress I’m wearing. I got it from Krickelin or actually her shop For Good Luck When I ordered this necklace as a X-mas gift to myself! Such a favorite!