Last days of last year


mapmepalle wimpers windowkungen

My mind is blank, my body numb and stomach full. Easy days in Dalarna these past weeks.
1. We used to have a mirror just by the door but it felt better taking it away and just skip thinking about looks. I found this painting in the shed. A great place for it actually!

2. The map is supposedly of USA in the 1700. I love the colors.

3. I just woke up. In the granny room. OR it’s our room now but it looks like a granny’s. Well my husbands granny made it in the 70′. How many grannies can I mention in this post?

4. Just a stroll away to look at the neighbors horse.

5. The sleepy house really been making up for it’s name.
6. In a shed in the village x-mas is warming up the window.

7.  I forgot to put away the paintings that hangs outside this year. A shame about that frame that can’t really stand the humidity but I love it when the king is watching over us.