Great gifts!

I like to give tools as gifts. It’s not always something  that people tend to buy or mostly they buy it cheap or have really old random stuff at home.

This screwdriver is the ultimate one to always carry when you work or a great screwdriver to have at home. It’s around 10 cm long and 0,8×4 wide. Mine is from Bacho and called be -8040. It’s great because you can use it to open paint can lids, unscrew electrical outlets and also works in x as well as – shaped screws! It costs about 70 Swedish Kronor.   
The other tool is a classic handsaw or a fogsvans as we say in Swedish (after the German word fuchsschwanz – a fox tail) Anyways this one is so good since it has a sort of Teflon Coating that makes sawing a smooth operation! Like a knife in butter. And although we want to work on our upper arms while sawing we also want a clean and nice cut! The Bacho superior costs about 250-300 kronor. This is not a sponsored post I just happen to like these tools a lot! And it’s great stuff for everyone to use.


Happy carpeting