After school


8B7B8978Even though the kids drive my crazy (out of my mind-kind of crazy) every single day I still miss them when they are at school. Today Viola got home early and she´s going to help me carry some furniture around. (Frank and I have been cleaning today, and cleaning at our house goes hand in hand with rearranging furniture).
I´m so glad it´s getting lighter here now, it gives me so much more energy (to rearrange furniture). It´s still light out now , as I´m writing this, at 16.00.
What else is new… well I found a new sofa on (craigs list for sweeds) that Jens might not want me to get but I might anyway (he does not read this blog). Frank and I´ve been watching “Star Wars Rebels” over and over again on Netflix. And also we are having falafel for dinner.