What we got for Christmas


Viola i a Garbage Pail Kids- card collector.
I managed to find some on Tradera. (Swedish Ebay)
Here is Corkscrew Lou


I´m loving this book that Jens gave me. A long conversation between Jeff Koons and Norman Rosenthal. Perfect for a long bath with bubbles. Hulk bubbles.dosfamily-gift

Frank is a big time Lego enthusiast. This year he got a rescue helicopter and a Space ship.

If I scroll through the pictuers on my phone every 5th picture is a selfie of Viola. She can´t help it, if she sees a phone laying around she just has to take a selfie with it and the change the background to that selfie. The uglier the better.
So this Christmas I put together a photo album with some of these selfies.


Obi 0ne kenobi