The 2 things I usually don´t buy second hand for my house


You all know by now that most things in my house is bought second hand. That´s just how I roll. However there are two things that I buy new: carpets and light fixtures. I´ve found a few carpets vintage but they all make me sneeze and I have several old lamps in my basement with inadequate wiring, waiting in vain for me to fix them.

Today I got my hand made, zebra-friendly, zebra rug delivered. It makes the studio a little bit more cozy and goes well with the Vita eos lamp. Both from the Sofa Store in Stockholm.
Everything else is secondhand and the picture “Scary Hand” is from our own store.

PS. If I did buy my sofas new I would buy this dreamy one.


Thank you the Sofa Store for sponsering this post.
Right now you get 15% off when you buy a lamp or/and a carpet ad lampor15″ or 
“mattor15” when you check out.

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December 11, 2015 at 09:30

the studio looks fantastic! I love the lamp, and the rug, ant the flower jar/vase, ant the whole image actually.

Jenny Brandt
December 11, 2015 at 12:51
– In reply to: meg

Thanks Meg!